Pakistan Expo & Festival Baku; The Only Made In Pakistan Expo In Baku, Azerbaijan

PAKISTAN EXPO & FESTIVAL BAKU, is the only Made in Pakistan event in BAKU, Azerbaijan which presents Made in PAKISTAN Products. You will have the opportunity to reach more than 100 brands

Fair ground
  • Chain Stores
  • Multi-Level Stores
  • Hypermarkets
  • Strong Local Chains
  • wholesalers
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Purchasing Offices
  • importers
  • Commercial agencies
  • Global buyers

Build Your Brand In Baku, Azerbaijan

2nd Edition of Made in Pakistan Expo Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • Fast delivery which is the most wanted service. 4 weeks for Europe and 2.5-3 months for far Asia
  • Experience in compliance with international specifications and sufficient environmentally friendly production
  • A wealth of raw materials and materials is available.
  • tendency towards small-scale work towards personal demand.
  • Young and educable country population and the competitive labor costs created by this population are lower than developed countries, which gives a significant advantage in terms of price.
  • 75% of the total production in the sector is carried out by a machine park younger than five years.
  • The sector has sufficient international competition experience. It is capable of adapting to new technologies and fashion.
  • The presence of entrepreneurial spirit and trained workforce, well-trained managers and marketing staff